How To


Individual Equipment

Setting Up Speaker Stands

Setup Tips

  • Set up the package long before your event starts to eliminate any last minute problems. Try to do so during our business hours so you can call the shop with any questions.
  • Once set up, test the system with both the microphone and music to be sure it works properly.
  • If you experience problems or are not receiving expected results, check the troubleshooting guide below or call us for further assistance (727) 444-0290.


PROBLEM: The microphone is not working.

• Check that the cable is securely plugged into both the microphone and the “Mic 1” or “Mic 2” input on the mixer.
• Be sure the “Gain” control (the control right below where the mic connects to the mixer) is turned about half way up.
• Be sure the “Level” control is adjusted to the “U” (unity gain) position.
• Be sure the “Main Mix”, or master volume, is not turned all the way down.
• If the mixer has a Mute button, make sure it is in the up, or “off” position.
• If the mixer has a Solo/PFL button, make sure all of them are in the up, or “off” position.

PROBLEM: The speaker won’t fit on the speaker stand.

• Usually the silver insert on the speaker stand is in the ‘down’ position for storage. You can adjust this piece by pressing in the buttons on either side, and sliding the insert up or down.
• If you don’t see the silver insert on the end of the speaker stand, it may be stuck inside. Simply invert the stand until it slides up far enough to manually adjust.

PROBLEM: A speaker is not working.

• Make sure the mixer or source is sending signal.
• Make sure the speaker is plugged in and powered on.
• Set the Timed Turnoff button on the back of the speaker to “Off”.
• Set the Level on the back of the speaker up to “Normal”, at the half way position.

Still stuck?

If you currently have our rental equipment and have questions after our business hours or need immediate assistance, please call (727) 444-0290 and leave a detailed voicemail. If you’re calling prior to 10:00am or after 6:00pm Monday through Friday, or calling over the weekend, you must leave a voicemail for us to be notified that you’ve called. We will receive the notification on our cell phones. Once we’re notified, we will return your call as soon as possible.